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Our work is guaranteed. We have a team of qualified professionals, fully licensed and insured. Getting your home or business back to its original condition is our passion. We are here to help.

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Lead Abatement Experts

Lead-based Paint Removal Certified

Due to the dangers of lead-based paint removal, it is extremely important that you hire certified professionals who specialize in lead abatement. Our lead abatement specialists have completed the needed certifications and extensive training for handling of lead abatement removal services. We are certified professionals and have successfully completed hundreds of projects in various locations all over the world over the 16 years we have been in business.

The Dangers of Asbestos Lead Based Paint

Popcorn Ceilings

If your project involves removal of a “popcorn ceiling” be very cautious whom you hire to remove it. If your home is built prior to 1978 and you have a popcorn ceiling, the chances of it containing asbestos and lead-based paint are around 90%. Removing asbestos without proper procedures can kill you. Mesothelioma is cancer caused by breathing in asbestos fibers. If your contractor, plumber, or a satellite or cable provider removes or puts a hole in the popcorn ceiling without testing the building material, give us a call. If they did not properly contain the fibers and dispose of them in a manner which prevents the spreading of these hazardous fibers, you are possibly in very real danger. Even the smallest traces of fibers can spread to unaffected areas of the home, like on your couch, and when you sit, they can end up in the air you breathe moments later.

When Hiring Someone For The Job

Many states fall short of protecting homeowners from hazardous procedures. Check with your state licensing board to find out the laws and ways to protect yourself and your family. Most important, ask questions and bring up possible scenarios to the representative to test their experience. If they cannot answer your questions, chances are they do not have the necessary knowledge to assist you properly. That's where we come in!  If you would like a referral to companies we recommend for service, we would be happy to enlighten you. We offer assistance to help you find a reputable electrician, plumber, electronic gate service, appliance repair, mechanic, etc. Keeping a comprehensive list of trustworthy service providers is extremely important. 

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