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Mold Remediation & Removal Services

Licensed Technicians

We have a team of certified mold removal and remediation experts to properly detect and remove any mold from your property. Mold poses a serious risk to both your property and your family's health, it often spreads in a matter of hours, thus creating further damage to your property. Our technicians are highly trained professionals, available 24 hours for emergency mold services. If you suspect you have mold in your home, let us help you. Contact us today to begin the initial phase mold detection process.

Importance of Mold Removal/Remediation

Mold Detection Experts

Mold is a very toxic contaminant that can easily grow on damp or wet surfaces and creates a risky and hazardous environment for your home and family. Mold is often found on wallpaper, ceiling tiles, wood, drywall, carpet, and insulation. If you suspect you have mold, it is crucial that you have a full mold inspection performed immediately. Mold is known to spread rapidly and can cause serious damage to not only your health but to the structure of your house. 

Mold Remediation Process

Inspection and Damage Assessment

The first step in a mold remediation process is the full inspection and assessment of your home. We use top of the line mold detection equipment to perform the mold containment procedures and prevent the mold from spreading and affecting other areas of your home. That includes air filtration systems, air scrubbers, and mold specific vacuums. We are highly trained to respond to any emergencies in a reasonable amount of time and guarantee the full restoration of the affected area.

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