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Damaged Goods Packing Services

Full Packing Services

Our team will pack out and pack back all the items that were damaged by the disaster to preserve your families belonging, important documents and valuable items. We have emergency services available 24 hours a day in various locations in the country and provide complete water damage restoration along with the packing services. 

Packing & Unpacking of Damaged Items

Organized Packing Services

Our restoration services restore your home or office to its original condition prior to the damage. In most cases, there are items that are damaged along with property itself, and our job is to find and preserve all of your belonging during the restoration process. Our services include but are not limited to the following:



  • Packing of all items affected by the damage

  • Inventory of all salvageable and damaged items

  • Complete deodorization and cleaning of items

  • Keep items safe and away while conducting the restoration process

  • Unpacking items back in their original places

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